Duende Poem
Digital prints/mixed media

A Wednesday morning – as always
Drawing, drawing, drawing
In a man’s body – there
I found it – in one stroke
It is the back I wanted
Hand on the wall
It’s him who told me
The Duende found me
The ‘what?’ we all cried
Did I feel it in him
Did it hit me to find the
Essence in me
All those things are mine
The earthiness
The irrationality
The heightened awareness of death
The dash of the diabolical
It’s invisible
It freezes you
The unexplainable
The touch of the spirit
I have become the master
Of the home I own
I saw a meagre stroke
A fraction of a being
It did not touch me
It came over me
And then the words
‘It is the Duende you felt’


December 27, 2018